Jay Higgins has seen first hand the ongoing transformation of Hamilton and its core.  He’s also seen the impression of Hamilton from those outside the city change, in no small part from events like the Hamilton Food & Drink Fest his company Beau Monde Productions puts out to shine a light on the local Hamilton restaurant scene.

Hear how his events started and how his career has evolved and morphed over the years, from events, to working at the Hamilton Spectator (when the Internet became a thing), to tech startups like WikiDOMO – including the Obituaries Today startup story that was supposed to be on Dragon’s Den but unfortunately never had a chance to share!

Beau Monde Productions
Hamilton Food & Drink Fest


Harvest Moon (aka Tim’s Restaurant)
My Thai
The Other Bird


Democracy (with the kids)
Brown Dog (meetings)
St James (good food and a great chai)
Cafe Oranje


Pure Home Couture
Discount Emporium


Concerts at Hamilton Place, First Ontario Centre
Festival of Friends

Natural Feature