Episode 040: Stephanie Vegh, Hamilton Arts Council

Stephanie is the current Executive Director of the Hamilton Arts Council, an organization and charitable not-for-profit whose mission is to communicate, advocate and mediate for the arts and the role of the arts in Hamilton. Graham... Read More

Episode 039: Nick Tomkin, Orbital

Nick is behind Orbital, the digital-only agency based in Hamilton.  He’s had an interesting journey to where he is now, and we have a great chat about the creative process, comedy, Pokemon Go, tech… oh, and Hamilton.... Read More

Episode 034: Corey Helie-Masters

Corey is heavily involved in Hamilton, whether it be keeping people informed with his e-publication The Gist or empowering young professionals through Hamilton HIVE and the HiveX conference.  Hear how Corey made his way to the city... Read More

Episode 032: Joey Coleman, Independent Journalist

Joey is one of Canada’s few crowd-funded journalists.  After several national positions he decided to make the move back to covering local news in Hamilton, which can be found on thepublicrecord.ca and on The Public Record... Read More